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The reason I am starting a blog...

Welcome to my new Blog! The welcome is for both you and me as this is my first Blog Post. I thought about setting up a Blog a while ago, but honestly, I am not a very confident writer. However the only way of combating this insecurity is by writing, right?

The long sprawling Lockdown has given me the time to collate my thoughts and push myself towards my ambition of being a paid Artist. (What?! Be paid for artwork? Crazy!) I have had the Lockdown laziness, the existential dread, the anxiety, the joy and the boredom, and after all these emotions I am finally ready to tackle the prospect of my Career.

The motivation for blogging now, is that I am trying my hardest to become a freelance Illustrator, or rather, pay at least half of my rent with earnings from illustration. I am updating my website and social media regularly, I made an online shop and an Etsy and I am being a lot more proactive with emailing clients and magazines.

Blogging is apparently a great way to find and keep an audience; which is exactly what I need. The space a Blog can provide will be really beneficial to express my thoughts and ideas as well as help me to become better at communicating my artwork with others. Updating a Blog regularly will help to keep my Website fresh and is good practice to share my work with you; which as an introverted Illustrator is sometimes difficult to do.

I intend to write guides, reviews and comics that I can share with you on here, and hopefully interact with you a little more. Typing on a screen seems a little impersonal, but hopefully having some interaction, even via this platform, will make sharing artwork more fulfilling and more like an exchange.

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