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People's Art Fair, Bristol

In December, four of my artworks were included in the People's Art Fair at the People's Republic of Stokes Croft in Bristol, as well as prints for sale. The PAF runs multiple times a year and showcases artwork from Bristol's wide community of artists.

It was so fantastic to be included in such a vibrant, accessible and joyous Art Fair and Exhibition. It was also a proper collaborative process where everyone had a role to play in the running of the fair; whether it was putting up the work, invigilating, running the shop or advertising and making posters. I think that the collaboration between everyone was my favourite element as it meant you could connect with other artists and have a sense of community.

PAF doesn't have a theme, and the exhibition is a, full to the brim, colourful array of art! The only limitations were number of artworks submitted by each artist. This openness made the exhibition very excited and all encompassing. There really was something for everyone.

The pieces I decided to show had a self imposed theme of Witchcraft, and included collages that I did in Lockdown and didn't know what to do with, a painting of Mandrakes and Baba Yaga House linoprint.

I would absolutely submit artwork to PAF again, not only did I sell a piece and prints (which is always a plus!), I also felt included and loved the atmosphere of PRSC. All of the artists featured were so good, and the variety of the images exhibited meant that there was so much to take in that you could be there for hours.

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